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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process which helps in diverting targeted traffic to your website through improved page rankings in search engine results. Such methods are by nature inorganic, that is, 'not paid for'. Since the URL of a company website on a search page is the source to the website featuring the client's business, it is important that the site appears higher in the search results. In SEO, this is crucial to make the site easily visible to a large number of customers. The higher a page rank it enjoys, greater are its chances to be found by users while searching. The web marketers at Web Ranking SEO endeavor to devise and deliver strategies with this goal in mind that your website should get positive leads and you should enjoy a greater return on investment.

As a part of Internet Marketing, SEO is linked to two things: the working of the search engines as well as the relevance of the information that people are looking out for. However, it depends largely upon how you get your website crawled, indexed and ultimately positioned in the major search engines. Certain things should be kept in mind in this regard such as the following:

  • Are the keywords used relevant in context to the content on your website?
  • Does the title of your article include any of the used keywords?
  • Are the keywords used popular in search engine queries?
  • Is the article 'keyword rich'?
  • Is your website listed in any of the Open directories?
  • Are the targeted keywords included in the filenames of the site and the directory?
  • Does the text link include the main keywords which help in directing users to the searched pages included in your website?

SEO campaign strategists at Web Ranking SEO keep all these points in mind while working on your project. We'll optimize your website based on detailed research and a well planned layout so that you can reap benefits out of it in no time. Our planned layout includes:

A Detailed Research

of the keywords that are to be included in the article. Keywords play a decisive role in giving your website a good PageRank and in attracting targeted traffic towards it. Details related to the traffic visiting the website and the page rankings often help in making necessary changes to the site, which in turn, favors its growth. This research phase includes a thorough study of the competitors, keywords to be used, and an analysis of the baseline inbound link report.

Keeping the Basics Right:

It is very important to keep the basics of SEO right while preparing the website like a sound link structure, appropriate meta tags for individual pages and well framed codes which respond well to search engines. Web Ranking SEO provides you with proficient services in this field. To get the best out of our SEO strategy, we follow certain steps so that the results are up to the mark. If you choose to avail our services, then we'll

  • First use the Google Webmaster Central submit your website's sitemap
  • Optimize the link structure of your website
  • Customize descriptions, keywords and title tags for every page

Onpage Optimization:

This is intricately linked to the content of your website. Your website content is the most important component of an SEO campaign. As your guide, Web Ranking SEO will see to it that the content is relevant and easy to access both by the visitors and the search engines. This is required as the important keywords used in the content help in getting a higher PageRank in the search result. We will provide time to time service so that your website remains updated and rank higher on search engine results pages

Website Analytics:

The success of an SEO campaign depends upon periodic analysis of the website. This often helps in drawing conclusions about the success or failure of the marketing strategy involved in the campaign. We, at Web Ranking SEO, use Google Analytics to draw our conclusions. As your service provider, we give you the provision to track your bounce rates, lead conversions, keywords used frequently for searching, lead sources, etc. by logging into your own personal and secured account.

Link Building:

As a part of SEM, link building is essential for a website to get higher visibility on the web and a higher PageRank. The greater the number of 'inbound links' your website enjoys from good websites, the higher would be the PageRank (PR) of your website. As a part of your SEO campaign, this strategy includes submissions in niche and local directories as well as local search engines. Thus, you must have realized by now how important search engine optimization is for you to make profits from your website. Even though SEO strategies can take time to generate results, it is one of the well chosen Internet marketing tools to promote your business, services and products.

You can contact us for more information on our search engine optimization strategies as well as local search optimization services or ask for a website analysis and free proposal.

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