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With business owners choosing the medium of Internet to promote their businesses globally, websites have become the focal point for the success of any business. However, only a well designed website is not sufficient to gain the business you dream of. Certain strategies are always at play behind making the venture successful. Search Engine Marketing is one such strategy.

Marketing' is a term that is intricately linked with the life cycle of a product or service meant for sale. Search Engine Marketing applies similarly to those products and services that are to be purchased by customers online. It is, therefore, a type of Internet Marketing strategy. The main aim of this is to promote the website of the client by making it visible to a large number of customers. This again relies upon the page rank of the site in search engine result pages. Search Engine Marketing aims to use the results generated by the search engines to increase traffic for the client's website. The end result: leads and final orders.

For achieving this goal, web marketers at Web Ranking SEO use certain methods which include pay per click, search engine optimization, link building and website analytics.

Pay Per Click (PPC): PPC

is a method where a client's website is advertised on other websites. The client or the advertiser pays the host only if a visitor clicks on the advertisement. At Web Ranking SEO, care is taken while devising a PPC campaign. We promise to give your website maximum traffic through anchor text links. We would also guide you in choosing the appropriate keywords or key phrases to generate maximum traffic. Moreover, we will see to it that you get permanent and only relevant links which would be derived from pages cached by Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Researches have proved that nearly 55% of the purchases made online start from a search engine. In US particularly, nearly 67% of the adult population use search engine as a tool for research prior to finalizing a purchase decision. Hence, search engine optimization plays a crucial role in SEM. The main idea behind this is to get the optimum search engine rankings naturally, based on 'to the point' keywords. Despite this being a long term strategy, Web Ranking SEO search engine optimization facilities will help you to get your desired results. Our strategy includes a detailed research of the keyword to find out its relevance to your website. Once this is done, we will provide you guidance in remodeling the content, header and footer, and Meta tags of you website for improved results. All this will result in your website gaining a higher page rank.

Link Building:

This is yet another important SEM strategy to increase the visibility of your website. If done effectively, link building can earn you leads and orders from a large number of customers. The working method behind this is to get as many 'inbound links' to your website as possible. This can be done by submitting your site to multiple web directories. If you choose to avail our services, then we will submit your website at local and niche directories too.

Website Analytics:

As a SEM strategy, this is crucial in understanding the nature of the current traffic that your website is enjoying. A good analysis of it might reveal the actual number of potential customers that you can have. It will also help in finding out the primary selling areas of your website like which pages are being viewed more, how is the traffic getting directed to your website and which pages are dormant. Depending upon this, you can choose to rework on the ineffective areas. As your pathfinder, we believe in providing the best service in this regard through Google Analytics. It enables you to check the statistics related to your site and its position by directly logging into your account.

Thus, search engine marketing plays a decisive role in advertising your website and boost up business of any large or small business house. Apart from brand promotion, SEM leads the way to build up a strong customer base, generate revenue, cut down costs, capture markets, and increase your profits.

You can easily contact us to ask for our extensive search engine optimization services. You can either give us a call or request for a website analysis and free proposal.

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