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Pay Per Click - PPC Search Engine Internet Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) as a part of SEM is a guaranteed method to divert targeted traffic towards your website. In this method, advertisers pay their host only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement featuring their company, products or services. This is a cost effective method from the point of view of the advertiser. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for gaining leads as those who are clicking on the ads are by default potential customers. The entire system of pay per click is organic or 'paid' as it involves cost.

The Pay Per Click service is utilized by websites that agree to display an advertisement on behalf of the client on the basis of a relevant keyword or key phrase match as specified by the advertiser. In return, the partner sites receive financial incentives. At Web Ranking SEO, we see to it that our PPC ads are attractive and reflect what your website is all about. We ensure that your website enjoys sufficient traffic and maximum lead conversions. We use some of the popular PPC providers to get good results which include Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

However, before investing in a PPC ad, it is necessary to understand how it works. At Web Ranking SEO, we follow certain steps to help you profit from your investment.

  • This is a fast method to boost up the traffic to your website while the search engines improve the PageRank over time. PPC ads act as a catalyst that quickens the process of promoting your website.
  • If you choose our services, you will see that we make strong impressions in less number of words. This is an essential trick in creating PPC ads. A typical Pay Per Click ad made by us would be attractive and highlight your business, services or products in or within 130 characters. Crisp, clear and to the point ads by us gain the confidence of your visitors so that you pay only for those clicks that are converted to sales.
  • PPC ads are good to save some extra bucks. They are designed by us in such a way that you get a better Return on Investment (ROI). Experienced managers handling PPC ads at Web Ranking SEO only choose keywords or key phrases that are relevant to your site. Their competency lies in choosing less competitive phrases but gaining good traffic. Such phrases also help in paying less per click.
  • For this purpose, we at Web Ranking SEO, believe in using only targeted keywords in our PPC ads. This calls for more specific visitors to your website who are really interested in your product or service. We do this by researching and then preparing a list of keywords that match your requirements. It is your choice that we then value. We use the keywords picked by you in our PPC ads. The end result: quality traffic, greater number of conversions followed by high returns.
  • Web Ranking SEO PPC ads are well crafted to direct visitors to the most important pages in your website. This generates interest and hastens their purchase decision after receiving relevant information in less time.

Benefits Derived from Our PPC Ads:

  • Your site receives search engine friendly links.
  • Anchor text links from pages cached by Google.
  • You get inbound deep links to the most important pages in your website.

All these sum up the importance of Pay Per Click in promoting your website and gaining high quality visitors. Our expertise lies in understanding the requirements of our client and delivering appropriate services in less time and low costs.

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